Dating Tips For Shy Men First 30 Days Of A Newly Build Relationship

Dating Tips For Shy Men First 30 Days Of A Newly Build Relationship

Finding the right love partner is really hard, and even harder is to make the relationship work longer. For some people dating is very simple, but for the shy man, it can be the most difficult thing.

Every woman wants that a person to whom she is going to make a boyfriend or husband should have dating antiquated. But, if you feel shy and won’t talk or date properly, the chances are high that you miss a good partner in life.

So, here are some amazing dating tips for shy men:

Exchange Contact and Show Confidence

Are you waiting for your love for a long time? If yes, then come out of your shyness and propose to her with full guts as well as confidence. Whenever you meet someone that you like, never wait for the right time to come or that person to come to you to tell her your feelings.

Approach the girl or lady with a smile or a simple gesture. Politely ask for friendship and an exchange number if she agrees. Be confident when talking to a girl for the first time and be polite at the same time.  Keep in mind that confidence is not being arrogant but trusting in yourself.

Start Interesting Conversations

The first week of any new relationship is very crucial, so you need to be very comfortable at this time. So, try to communicate as much as possible with the girl you are dating. You can call her or message her in your free time. Try to get to know her in a better way and never talk about exes in the first week of dating. Always talk about matches as this will make you both comfortable and bring confidence in you.

Plan Dinner with Her

After knowing each other’s likes and dislikes, start taking her out on dinner dates. You can take her to the best place with a romantic ambiance where you both can enjoy the food as well as talk. In a hotel or restaurant, always pull a chair for your lady and offer her help for anything she needs.

It’s better to order food of choices of both so that it does not feel odd to anyone while dating. Also, when you order her favorite cuisine, she will feel happy and impressed with your memory.

Plan Weekend Together

Now, when you and your girlfriend start feeling comfortable with each other, plan weekends together. You can take her to the best spots in town or can watch a movie together. Shopping can also be a great option to spend time together and to impress the girl. With this, the girl will feel inclined to show you some places of her interest also.

Smell Good and Look Good

Whenever you plan a date with the girl, make sure you look good and smell good. These are the things that a girl notices first in men. Also, this reflects your style of dressing and hygiene as well. To attract someone’s attention, you need to consider the way you present yourself.

For this, you don’t need to buy expensive clothes. Just wear something that looks good on you and is comfortable as well as stylish.

For example, if you don’t know what to wear, then you can ask your friends or family for help. Or, you can copy the style of your favorite actor or model.

Suggest Plans if You Want to Keep in Touch

If you want to date the girl for more days to understand her better and make her feel more comfortable, then suggest plans to her. Whether you’re dating the romantic type or the adventurous type of woman, there are tons of dating ideas you can think of. Offer a few different plans for your date to choose from for next weekend. Or, simply ask her for coffee on Wednesday or Saturday, or any other day.

Don’t Be Very Touchy On the First Day of Your Date

You might think that touching a girl will make you like her so much. But no, this is not the case; rather, touching a girl too much can make her feel uncomfortable, and she can stop dating you. So, for the first few weeks of the date, touch should be limited and only friendly. With time, when both feel comfortable, you can move, touch her or kiss her, only if she allows it.

Otherwise, simply take her hand to help them out of your car or put your hand on her lower back to lead them through a crowded restaurant. In simple words, touching should be natural, and overdoing it can get a little weird.

Be Patient

Never be in a hurry to ask for the decision of a girl. Give her time, take her on different dates and allow her space to think about you. It is better to enjoy the time you both spend together and be patient with long, term commitments. Once things get better between the two and both start to like or love each other, then you can go for the next step in your relationship.

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