Having Fun with a Kensington Escort

Having Fun with a Kensington Escort

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Many people believe that in order to find fun it is necessary to go to a bar, meet girls, convince some of them and take them home. Sure, this was the technique used before if you wanted to have a little movement on a Saturday night, but it is no longer totally necessary that it is all organic and that you fail multiple times to get some action, escorts are your solution.

Many people are prejudiced against escorts without knowing that they are not the same as a prostitute, these girls are trained to show you a good time both in and out of your bed, they like to go out and have fun in different types of environments, not just discos or pub bars, they can even be your escort at a formal business party and mingle with the crowd. They are ready for anything as long as it generates a good time.

Let’s be honest, if you want to have a good time, why not look for some of the best city escorts in Kensington and avoid unnecessary hassles? If you need a few options that you like, don’t worry, at Theory Love Escort we have certain girls to show you:


Violetta is the girl who loves to experiment, she doesn’t limit herself when it comes to her clients so she caters to both men and women and doesn’t mind having a threesome at all as long as it’s consensual. This tall brunette with black hair loves tourists, not because of her inexperience but because of her eagerness to know the city she shares in terms of personality. She loves to visit different places in a single night and never runs out of energy, so she considers that she will be ready to give you pleasure after an active night on the streets of Kensington.

Among the kensigton London escorts, she is considered one of the most active and charismatic, she always has a smile on her face and will always show you a positive side of the situations you may experience together. It is ideal to take her for a walk in a park with lots of nature, or invite her to a fine restaurant where you can talk over a glass of wine about what you will do in the evening.


Chrissy makes you fall in love just by seeing her, this beautiful and gifted girl can be yours just by making a phone call or sending a message. She is an expert in different sexual practices, she loves roleplay services where she uses different types of disguises such as secretary, teacher, school girl or suggestive lingerie to have a good time adapting to what you want.

Chrissy is characterized for being a girl who likes to satisfy at all costs, she loves submissive practices even though she doesn’t have any kind of shame and doesn’t shy away if you need her to ride on your face.

One of the most remarkable things about this girl is her ability to speak languages and adapt to tourists, as she handles English, Hungarian, German and Spanish very fluently, which will probably make you feel at home if you come from somewhere where these languages are spoken.


Deizy is the spitting image of a girl that everyone wants. Deizy has enough experience to show you a good time and probably make you want to call her again. Among her most famous services are striptease, which she can do in a secretary or nurse outfit, even latex, as well as roleplay, which she also does in costumes, including schoolgirl.

If you want to take a little present for later while you are at home, you can record her with her consent and while wearing a mask. And you can also opt for the use of poppers if you want to have a transcendental experience that will make you enjoy yourself to the fullest.


Have you already seen Axelle’s body? If you haven’t, we recommend you to go to our main page and look for her now. A tall brunette, with long legs and big breasts and ass. A goddess from head to toe, and we haven’t even mentioned her full lips and captivating eyes that will make you feel like they are reading your soul. This woman is a weapon to shoot anyone’s heart, and her personality totally matches her perfect body.

Axelle speaks Spanish, and she loves to practice this romantic language with foreigners while having a date in a fine place or with a nice atmosphere in the north part of the city. If you like a girl who has grace, style and can give you a good body to body massage, Axelle is the one.


Anastasia is a girl who is too smart and fun to meet, and all of this comes together with her sexy and flamboyant side. She speaks English, German, Spanish and clearly French. And she has some services that only the most experienced girls could offer, like tantric massage and party girl, which you must have specialized knowledge of if you want to do it.

Her big ass and the way she walks is something that will probably keep you mesmerized when they go out, she definitely has a swing that you can’t attribute to anyone else. She’s a natural attention grabber.


Mira is a girl willing to satisfy both men and women, it doesn’t matter the gender, it matters the pleasure. She is available to receive you with different types of outfits, among them a secretary, school girl and a full body latex one. This last one is perfect for people who like domination, which she totally loves. She loves to feel yours and that you tell her what to do step by step in order to give you pleasure.

Her other services also include massages and sitting on your face for as long as you need, do you like having a girl jumping on you? Mira is your thing.

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