How to dispose of love dolls that need to be discarded?

How to dispose of love dolls that need to be discarded?

When it’s time to replace a love doll because of aging doll materials or a new product launch, ask “Where do I throw it away?”

Sometimes we need to discard these large products for various reasons, and here are some suggestions on how to do it right.

Dump it “somewhere”?

Obviously, this is not the perfect way, and we can see some strange news in the newspapers. Like this doll dumped in a river of sewage, suspected of being a corpse!

Also, the solution is not environmentally friendly, since most of the dolls will be buried or at best burned in an incinerator.

Second-hand sale

By far, this is by far the best way to go. However, it is difficult to sell used love dolls, even if they are very clean, and they are usually used as mannequins or any other items. Also, the cost of shipping is a major problem.

You can try this on different platforms such as online forums, second-hand selling sites, etc. Some companies are willing to buy back used love dolls for, but we don’t know what the final disposition is.

Recycling dolls

By far the most viable solution.

Firstly, love dolls will be considered metal waste and therefore can be recycled.

Second, if you can’t dump the entire doll into the metal bin, try to separate the skin plastic from the internal steel to simplify recycling.

What’s the next step?

There are two options, depending on where you live and how you recycle.

Manual recycling: The doll can be sold to a small recycling plant and will be manually de-plasticized and the TPE material is recyclable into other products.

Automatic shredding: The dolls are shredded with many other products and scrap is removed from the metal parts by machine.

Most major cities have automatic recycling areas. Simply dump it into a metal recycling bin and the whole process is complete.

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